Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Sarah Pucill previews new film with Q&A session

British film artist, Sarah Pucill (pictured), will be introducing a preview of her new film Taking My Skin preceded by some of her earlier work on Wednesday 1 November, 7pm, at Greenwich Picturehouse in London. The artist will be answering questions from the audience after the screenings.

Pucill's films, which have been shown at the Tate Modern and the defunct Lux cinema in Hoxton Square, deal with a transformative and fluid sense of self. Focusing on the materiality of film and the body, she is said to create a "vivid psychic world that sets up the imaginary as a potential site of resistance".

You can watch an excerpt of Backcomb, incidentally the one I am familiar with and which I saw at the Mix New York way back in 1996, where I was showing one of my videos as well. It's quite surreal and visually arresting, the product of someone with a fertile imagination.

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