Tuesday, November 22, 2005

German Film Festival in London

The 8th Festival of German Films returns to London for one week from Friday 25 November to Thursday 1 December 2005 with a 'programme that tunes into the German psyche of today and yesterday'. The festival also includes a masterclass with cinematographer Michael Ballhaus, who will give a Kubrick Masterclass, co-presented by The Script Factory and NFT, plus a retrospective of his work.

The opening film is Barefoot (2005) an offbeat comedy come tender love-story, written and directed by Til Schweiger, who also stars, about an unlikely couple who embark on an extraordinary road romance. Leila (Johanna Wokalek) is an institutionalised young woman who’s spent her life in almost total isolation while Nick (Til Schweiger) is a responsibility-shy drifter who moves from job to job. Leila attaches herself to Nick, after he prevents her from committing suicide and despite themselves they take to the road.
The festival ends on a different note with Zeppelin! (2005), directed by the veteran of German cinema Gordian Maugg, which dramatises the mysterious circumstances of the fire which destroyed the LZ 129 Hindenburg on 7 May 1937, taking with it crew members including Robert Silcher. Grandson Matthias Silcher is determined to lift the shroud of secrecy surrounding the crash of the world’s biggest spaceship.

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