Wednesday, December 07, 2005

George Michael says the right thing

George Michael

It's mega-stars documentary season now. After Madonna launched her cheesily entitled I'm Going to Tell You a Secret (really?), now it's George Michael's turn to rip his heart apart to the world in his more cleverly titled A Different Story, which is having advance screenings in London this week.

In a story run by the UK edition of, George Michael is quoted saying he is a difficult person to get on with, at the launch of the documentary.

The quotes were lifted from the trash-pile known as Evening Standard, but I have to admit being smitten by Michael's views which contrast so sharply with the ones dispensed by that other famous English queen, Elton John. Michael said he does not anonymous sex as wrong, or cruising 'dysfunctional... But I don’t cruise anymore, believe me. It is one thing to be self-destructive and then try to be cool about it; it is another for it to happen again and you just look stupid.'

He also said his open relationship with partner Kenny Goss had produced more trust and helped stabilise their relationship.'Gay men don’t have a higher sex drive than straight men; the latter are merely restrained by women,' he said.

But best of all is to come. After rumours circulated that he intended to benefit from the introduction of the civil partnerships, he said that it was something was 'something we might do in the future. I have a different opinion to Elton’s. All I want is the legal protection Kenny and I both deserve. Marriage is such a difficult institution at the best of times…if we were to get married, we would be apeing an institution that is not built for us.'

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