Thursday, June 02, 2005

Out 3 June/last update

Adam and Paul (Dir: Lenny Abrahamson): Black comedy set in a period of 24 hours in the lives of two heroin addicts as they roam the streets of Dublin looking for their next fix. Time Out has described it as “mordantly funny and unexpectedly poignant”. /// Brotherhood (Dir: Kang Je-Gyu): From South Korea comes this tale of two brothers. Jin Tae is a shoeshine boy who is soon to be married, and Jin Seok, his bookish younger brother dreams of one day attending university. They are unwillingly conscripted as the Korean War is about to break out. Jin Tae sets about to find a way to discharge his brother and this will lead to a split between them. E-Film Critic wrote that it could think ‘of few anti-war statements more articulate, or images more powerful.’ /// Guerrilla: The Taking of Patty Hearst (Dir: Robert Stone, pictured):Documentary about the Symbionese Liberation Army that earned notoriety in 1974 when it kidnapped newspaper heiress Patricia Hearst who ended up joining her captors in a California bank robbery (Hearst is a John Waters regular these days). Hearst does not appear in the film, which leaves a gap, but this is fascinating material that outstrips the film’s flaws. /// League of Gentleman’s Apocalypse (Dir: Steve Bendelack): From the creators of the successful and surreal TV series, crammed with gags that will please the series fans.

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