Friday, July 15, 2005

Out 15 July/Final update

London-set thriller EMR uses conspiracy theories and urban myths to weave a complex, twisted narrative. /// The Edinburgh comedy circuit is the subject of Festival by Annie Griffin. I haven’t seen this movie but I did see its trailer the other day and it was absolutely awful. I’ve always hated stand-up comedians anyway who think they are more intelligent than they really are. And this film, considering the awful reviews it’s getting, seems to confirm my opionion. Starring Daniela Nardini, Stephen Mangan and Chris O’Dowd /// The cult of J T Leroy arrives on the screen via the Asia Argento-directed adaptation of Le Roy’s The Heart Is Deceitful... Above All Things. For those who don’t know J T Leroy, he’s a former drag queen child prostitute who became a cult writer loved by fashionistas with an ironic take on trailer trash. Like many people, I think his story is a successful PR fabrication. And Asia Argento is not a good director, anyway. If you like that sort of thing, you’ll be much better off with the wonderfully written novellas of Barry Gifford, the most famous one being Wild At Heart, adapted to the screen by David Lynch./// Los Debutantes announces itself as a Tarantino-like Chilean thriller. It’s not. It’s a superficial, limp non-event that puzzled me for its very existence.///Finally, the week rounds up with:

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