Friday, July 22, 2005

Out 22 July/Preview

James' Journey to Jerusalem

The story of the journey taken by a black man from a fictional village called Entshongweni to Jerusalem is told in James’ Journey to Jerusalem. But the Israel he finds is very different from the mythical place he'd envisaged; the reality and the options he is given are hard labour jobs and the grittiness of the country's economic system. But James learns the rules of the game in the Holy City.///Director Damiel Odoul's Errance shows the scenes of a marriage in Errance, a somewhat bleak melodrama set in a hut by the Mediterranean.///Set in Hungary, Pleasant Days is a character-driven study of the darker corners of the human spirit, with plenty of sexual obsession and a misanthropic feel to it. The story revolves around a woman pretending to be pregnant, while another tries to pass off the child as her own. Then a man steps into the fray. The film slips on its own arty pretentiousness without never consolidating into a real work of art.///Elsewhere, Secret Things follows two women who use sex to further their careers and set their eyes on the heir of a French bank. This is Gallic tittilation that uses the slick aesthetics of the corporate world as a premise for the tired idea of sex and power.///Finally, you can preview Silver City here and check out the new Jessica Alba-starred masturbatory Fantastic Four here.

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