Monday, August 01, 2005

DVD Watch

A few of my favourite American indie movies are available on Amazon at reasonable prices, all of which light-hearted comedies to blow the clouds away from London’s ghastly summer of 2005. I’ll start with Living in Oblivion, one of the best comedies ever about the process of making a film. Directed by Tom DiCillo, one-time Jim Jamursch cinematographer, this is East Coast indie cinema at its best. ///A similar type of college-friendly East Coast indie is Walking and Talking , a small scale New York romantic comedy about female friendship with echoes of Woody Allen, or perhaps even a forerunner of Sex and the City with better dialogues and a more artful heart. Anne Heche stars in it.//Finally, and still in New York, this time in the Latino corner of the city, is the superbly-paced, sun-kissed Raising Victor Vargas, a coming-of-age story of a boy discovering his sexuality in a housing project in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Real and poetic, it deserves to be seen.


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