Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Filtered news/The West Wittering Affair

West Witt main nt
Carrot bottom: The West Wittering Affair

The Filter's newswire has been kindly made aware of the pre-release screenings of 'the sexy, bedhopping' The West Wittering Affair up in Edinburgh everyday until the 29th of August at C-Electric.

An established writer/actor in theatre (for directors Sir Alan Ayckbourn, David Glass, the RNT and a slew of Fringe appearances), film (Leon the Pig Farmer), with a novel in the works and a stage show heading for London’s West End (The Tale That Wags The Dog), Danny Scheinmann together with other cast members took his loose short story idea and improvised live on camera throughout the entire shoot. He developed the project as a 50-minute TV drama before production partners Ben Timlett and Bill Jones decided to raise funds to make it into a full length feature. Bill Jones' father, Monty Python Terry Jones, has been heard showering praise on the project, but I wouldn't count on the impartiality of Mr Jones' paternal artistic taste. It sounds good anyway. Here's the quote I've been fed:

“Terrific performances teamed to a highly original piece of film-making. Had me in stitches.” - Monty Python’s Terry Jones

Wow! He really likes it...

To book tickets, call 0870 701 5105 - £6.50/£5.50 concessions.

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