Tuesday, September 06, 2005

DVD Watch/Flesh, Trash and Heat

The famous 'Andy Warhol' trilogy, which was actually directed by Paul Morrissey, is finally available on DVD via Amazon. The films mix extreme realism, experimentation, a lot of improvisation and, in my view, hysterically camp humour. No 'indie director' has gone that far ever since

In Flesh (1968) we follow a teenage hustler’s attempts to raise money for an abortion for his wife’s lesbian girlfriend. In Trash (1970) rather than get rid of a baby, a sexually impotent heroin user and his ambiguously gendered girlfriend (played by Holly Woodlawn, recently seen in Milwauke, Minnesota) try to start a family by faking a pregnancy to get on welfare. In Heat (1972) a young, forgotten TV child star seeks to make a comeback in LA by getting involved with the family of a former B movie star - now a gameshow panellist - her lesbian daughter and her bisexual ex-husband.

The DVD features the fully uncut and newly restored versions of the films as well as a host of extras prepared and selected by Paul Morrissey himself and commentaries from British arthouse luminaries. Delicious, and not only because of Joe Dalessandro's gorgeous screen presence.

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