Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Preview: video art showing in London

Hayden Fowler, White Australia, 2005

Grant Stevens, Like Two Ships, 2005

The Elastic Residence gallery in the East End will be showing between 12 and 30 October the work of Australian video makers Hayden Fowler and Grant Stevens (pictured) straight out of Sidney's Gallery Barry Keudoulis.

Elsewhere, the Beaconsfield gallery is hosting the exhibition Chronic Epoch- The Celebration of a Decade. The artists include Eija-Liisa Ahtila, Bob & Roberta Smith, Tomoko Takahashi, Kerry Stewart, Hayley Newman, (nobleandsilver), Anna Best, Susan Collis, Keith Coventry, Shane Cullen and David Cunningham. The show includes an extensive programme of screenings as well and it seems worth checking out (until 20 November).

Finally, at the Camden Arts Centre, Runa Islam and Roderick Buchanan show their video and film works.The show runs until 13 November.

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