Thursday, November 17, 2005

Brokeback Mountain poster Titanic connection

They say that the poster of the eagerly awaited gay cowboy Ang Lee film, Brokeback Mountain (out in the UK on 29/12) was inspired, among other films, by the poster of Titanic.




Robert Mitchell L.L. said...

It is a great will not be disappointed in it. Not sure I get the Titanic poster connection though.

Pax said...

It you compare the two, the lovers' poses are virtually identical...

Heath and Kate are in silouette looking down.

Jake and Leonardo are behind, in 3-quarter.

They are posed to so they're bodies' are intertwine but look away from each other.

The BBM pose is flipped from the Titanic pose.

The props and backgroung are scecific to the story location.

One other diference is that Leo has his head ON Kate's shoulder...

The highlight on the back of Jake's hat suggests space between them: they are standing next to each other... but not really intertwined.