Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Filtered meditation: is cocaine a film genre?

Local warming and cocaine in Brazil: Lower City

Is cocaine, after all, a film genre? The recent episode with supermodel Kate Moss innocently caught chopping out lines of coke made me wonder about that. Alas, the recent marketing campaign for the British film The Business sold it on the basis that it contained ‘more charlie than Casino’ and, frankly, who cares about some lines of coke when the Artic’s ice cap is melting away? Only the anachronistic British tabloids do, who probably get the idea of vendettas on beautiful supermodels during brainstorming sessions in the toilet. But going back to the coke film genre, yes, it does seem that the big screen has something of a love affair with the white powder. In fact, a new addition to the genre is coming up soon, the Brazilian film Lower City (late October release date tbc), from the Walter Salles movie factory. It seems like coke sells. And a lot.

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