Friday, September 23, 2005

Out 23/9/Preview

After beeing booed in Leicester Square in London earlier this week with his wife Madonna, Guy Ritchie now gets the bruising he deserves from the critics as Revolver hits the screens. Has any film director been more hated than Guy Ritchie? I can't remember anything like that, at least not on the level which Ritchie seems to arouse contempt in critics and film fans alike. And when you see Madonna Inc. (who really should rename herself MacDonna) arm-in-arm with that bead-eyed public school boy, all those people who used to love the brash, sassy pop artist who in the early 90s became a figurehead of sexual liberation and the mainstreamisation of the gay scene, gaze at her now and ask themselves, 'who's that woman?' It's the former provocateur reinvented for the Bush era, I guess.

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