Friday, September 30, 2005

Filtered vigil: Liz Taylor is ill

The Daily Mail reported today that 'Elizabeth Taylor is losing her battle against heart disease.' The alarm bells in my heart went off as soon as I caught the picture of the old Maggie the Cat from the corner of my eyes. I know it's a bit of demode to be worshipping old Hollywood stars, but Liz Taylor is Liz Taylor and in our boring world populated with Gwyneth Paltrows and Jennifer Lopezes, who could just as well be working as traders on the floor of the stock exchange, the possible death of Liz Taylor heralds the end of the a more fun era, of which she's one of the last as well as the greatest of the remnants.

The article said that Liz is reported to be 'sleeping 12 to 14 hours a day, rarely leaving her bedroom, and hasn't set foot outside her Bel Air home in Los Angeles for more than a month.' The article closed with a quote from an unnamed source, who said: 'Her overriding problem these days isn't a pill addiction or diabetes or anything neurological. It's more like a deep, deep sadness.'

Cut to tears rolling down my cheeks.

Now cheer yourself up with some Liz Taylor movies:

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