Thursday, September 15, 2005

FILTERED REPORTING/Child star turns into pony-tailed man

Last night I attended the opening of the New Brasil film festival down in Brick Lane and watched for the fourth time, I guess, Central Station. I was surprised at my the fact that the film still drew tears from my big Brazilian eyes everytime Fernanda Montenegro cried on screen. Maybe it had something to do with the free-flowing gratis Brahma beer, but that film, which is not really my favourite thing in the world, always has that effect on me. Anyway, the child star of the film, Vinicius de Oliveira, was present, and he resembled nothing the cute, innocent boy on the screen: he's a grown-up man now with the smell of celluloid, all dressed in black and sporting a studio-executive-office ponytail. He was very sweet, though, when he spoke to the audience and I saw him dry up his eyes at the end of the show. I'm not alone there, it seems.

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