Wednesday, October 19, 2005

DVD watch: Land of the Dead

Legendary filmmaker George A. Romero (Night of the Living Dead, Day of the Dead, Dawn of the Dead), the father of the modern zombie horror franchise, is back with another 'tour de hell'. Land of the Dead comes to DVD in Unrated Director's Cut. The films bears all of Romero's trademark humour, wall-to-wall mayhem and social commentary, in other words, a treat for fans. In the new instalment of the series, zombies now dominate the world. The few remaining humans have taken refuge behind the walls of the city, a fortified compound that holds the cannibalistic cadavers at bay. When the walking corpses evolve into killing machines with human intelligence, Riley (Simon Baker), a mercenary employed by wealthy speculator Kaufman (Dennis Hopper), is ordered to combat the fearsome gang of berserk marauders. With the very survival of the city at stake, an additional threat builds within their ranks, as Cholo (John Leguizamo) attempts to spark a revolution against the wealthy while they hide in the safety of their skyscrapers. The DVD extras include a behind-the-scenes film called Undead Again: The Making of 'Land of the Dead'. Instant-classic is one of those hackneyed expressions, but it does apply to Romero's latest contribution to the genre he invented.

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