Thursday, October 27, 2005

Repertory watch: Estamira

Still from Estamira

From the director of the acclaimed Brazilian documentary Bus 174, Marcus Prado, comes Estamira, which will be screened twice as part of the London Film Festival. Here Prado turns his camera onto 63-year-old Estamira, a schizophrenic mother of three whose traumatic past constructed from her anecdotes and commentaries displays a life beset by rape, infidelities and indifference. Solace now comes in the form of a living eked out on the giant Jardim Gramacho refuge heap where she salvages debris from the waste discarded by the society around her. Estamira harbours few illusions about the world but her commandments, missives, treatises, rants and raves provide a compelling commentary on her present, past and future. The film is juxtaposed with a commentary from her family that fills in some of the many gaps and questions that her story throws up.
Fri 28 Oct 18.30 Brixton Ritzy
Sat 29 Oct 13:45 NFT

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