Friday, October 21, 2005

Filtered kitsch: Disney is hip

What are you wearing Alice?: Disney classic
movie inspires high-end fashion

Blame it on Dolce Gabbana and Gwen Stefani for taking it to the mainstream, but what started as Hoxtonian irony and its equivalent in the trend-setting cities of this world, has now been caught by the business radar of the top-hats at Disney Corporation. Earlier this year the company premiered at the Fashion Week in Los Angeles its Alice in Wonderland-inspired range of clothing, household goods and accessories. The reason is simple: fashionistas have been buying vintage Disney products for a while now and the company decided to buck the trend itself. especially after seeing the money Dolce and Gabbana made with their Micket Mouse tees. According to a Reuters report, Disney is aiming at the high-end of the consumer market, with crystal-studded Mickey Mouse T-shirts priced US$1,400, Tinkerbell earrings for US$630, and a Cheshire Cat wrap with a $500 price tag. The report also said that the company has sold 'US$200 million in high-end and adult apparel featuring classic images of Mickey Mouse and his cartoon friends since 2003, and says it sees no sign that interest is flagging. '
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