Friday, October 07, 2005

Preview: Out 7/10

A very weak weekend for general releases. So, I'd recommend a visit to the Raindance Film Festival. One film that has caught The Filter's imagination is a documentary made by a bunch of Londoneses that questions the validity of the 'fair trade' label. Produced by WORLDwrite, an East London based charity, the documentary short The Bitter Aftertaste will be shown at the UDC-Cineworld on Shaftesbury Avenue in London at 12.15pm on Sunday 9 October 2005.

Directed by Philip Thompson and one of WORLDwrite’s young volunteer film crews The Bitter Aftertaste casts 'doubts on the capacity of chocoholics and shopaholics to transform the lives of farmers in the developing world through their supermarket trolleys.' The film was shot in Ghana and the UK and is aimed at those 'who espouse fair trade as a mechanism for development.'
Damn, my Saturday shopping sessions at Fresh and Wild in the organic jungle of Stoke Newington will now be plagued with question marks hovering above my head....

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